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“Your future success will be determined more by your being organized than by any other single action you take.”    

Eileen Roth, Today Show  & Oprah
Your Organizing Tour Guide™


Who am I?  

Hello. My name is Eileen Roth.  I am a productivity expert, national speaker, and corporate trainer.  I wrote the book, Organizing For Dummies® and have been helping people, both individually and through seminars, for over 20 years.

Your Organizing Tour Guide

I call myself Your Organizing Tour Guide™ because I help guide you to be better organized so you can save time and money and find time to really enjoy your life.   I help you organize your Office, your Home, or your Time Management.   I also help with Student Organization so Middle School, High School and College students use better organizational skills to achieve success in school.


Where does your Time go?

Why should you get organized?

We live in an overstuffed world.  Office workers are asked to do more with less. Houses are filled with “things” and electronics have enabled people to reach us anywhere, anytime.

How “stuffed” are you?
  • Do you have papers everywhere in your office?
  • Are your files so stuffed you can’t get into them?
  • Is your computer desktop overflowing with files?
  • Is it hard to find documents on your computer?
  • Is your email overflowing?
  • Do you waste time searching for information?
  • Do you miss meetings?
  • Have you missed a promotion because you are disorganized?
  • Are you afraid to have guests see your house is a mess?
  • Do you buy duplicates because you can’t find the original items?
  • Do you have interest charges because you paid your bills late?


Studies show you are constantly losing your most precious resource – TIME!

Yet you still want a family life, a work life, and somehow find time for a personal life.

What is it you really want?                                                             
  • Is it more time with your family to do fun things together?
  • Is it time to read a book just for pleasure?
  • Is it time to spend on a hobby or collection?
  • Is it time to play piano (or guitar)?
  • Is it time to travel to see family?
  • Is it to find time for a vacation?
  • Or do you just want time to relax and be less stressed?

Life doesn’t stand still.  Minutes pass quickly into hours, hours into days, and days into weeks. Months go by and you wonder where the time went.

“Excellent, I anticipate a better quality of life as a result of the ideas presented at this seminar.”       Cheryl Brown           West Harvey School District

Are you willing to waste your time?

Or are you ready to get organized to save time and enjoy your life?

Take the first step.  Go to the top of this page, fill in your name and email,  and we will send you free organizing tips.


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