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“Your future success will be determined more by

your being organized than any other single action you take.”    


Where does Your Time go?


Why should you get organized?

Where is your Time going?  We live in an over-stuffed world:

Office workers are asked to do more with less time. Offices are filled with multiple file cabinets and overloaded computer hard drives. Electronics have enabled clients, customers and colleagues to reach us anytime.

Houses are filled with so many “things” or gadgets that will make our lives easier or more fulfilled.  However most of the time they are taking up valuable space and end up as clutter.

How “stuffed” is your Office Organization?

  • Do you have papers everywhere in your office?
  • Are your files so stuffed you can’t get into them?
  • Is your computer desktop overflowing with files?
  • Do you waste time searching for information?
  • Do you miss meetings?
  • Have you missed a promotion because you are disorganized?

How “stuffed” is your Home Organization?

  • Are you afraid to have guests see your house is a mess?
  • Do you close room doors when people come over?
  • Do you buy duplicates because you can’t find the original items?
  • Do you have interest charges because you paid your bills late?
  • Are your papers or clothes in piles everywhere?


Are you constantly losing your most precious resource – TIME!

What is it you really want?                                                             

  • Is it more time with your family to do fun things together?
  • Is it time to read a book, play an instrument or spend time on your hobby?
  • Is it to find time for a long vacation?
  • Or do you just want time to relax and be less stressed?

Life doesn’t stand still.  

Minutes pass quickly into hours, hours into days, and days into weeks.

Months go by and you wonder where the time went.

“Excellent, I anticipate a better quality of life as a result of the ideas presented at this seminar.”       Cheryl Brown           West Harvey School District

Are you willing to waste your time?


Do you need to get organized?

Take the first step.

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