Are your Fall Goals too Big?

 Did you set some goals for this quarter?

If so, how are you doing?

I’d love to know your organizing ones, please tell me what they are in the comments section.



Are you taking action on your goals?

If you feel you are not moving forward, a common reason is:

It is just too big!!!


What goal did you set?

In the Office –

Did you decide you are going to revamp your entire office?


In the Home –

Did you make a goal to clean the entire house?

Look at the goals – both are large containers that hold many items.


Cut the Clutter in your Office means:

  • Clear your desk – desktop AND drawers
  • Clear your overhead bins
  • Clear he cubicle walls
  • Clear your bookcases
  • Clear your file cabinet(s)  – how many cabinets do you have?
  • Clear your magazine holders.
  • Clear your computer
  • Clear your cell phone


Cut the Clutter in your Home means:

  • Clear your kitchen
  • Clear your bathroom
  • Clear your dining room
  • Clear your living room
  • Clear your master bedroom
  • Clear your kids’ bedrooms
  • Clear your guest room
  • Clear your den
  • Clear your craft room
  • Clear your home office
  • Clear your playroom
  • Clear your entry way
  • Clear your mud room
  • Clear your garage
  • Clear your shed
  • Clear your patio


As you can see, there are too many areas to be uncluttered in an “entire” office or house.

It becomes overwhelming and no one wants to tackle that much work, especially trying to do it all in one weekend.


So what can you do?

Break it down into small chunks.


If you are looking to do the office, you can see we have 8 areas.  You might think you could just divide that into 8 weeks and get it all done just in time for Jan. 1st.  Don’t fool yourself, they aren’t exactly even areas.

Depending on how many bookcases and file cabinets you have, that will be the bulk of work. But you probably can’t finish a four- drawer file cabinet in one day unless you are already extremely organized and maintain it.  And if you work in a corporate or non-profit environment, you probably can’t take an entire day off to do even one file drawer.   It all depends on how much you have saved and how organized you are.


If you did do a major cleaning out at one time and have maintained that organization, you may not have too much to declutter.  However, if you have never really cleaned out your files, it will take quite awhile.


And when it comes to the home, you can see we already have 12-15 possible rooms/areas to declutter.

And each room could probably be broken down into many sub-areas.  Again, it’s not possible to get it all done in one day unless you already did it once before and maintained it in excellent order.


So how can you get it all done?

Break it down into smaller chunks, bite-sized pieces

that you feel you could accomplish in one session and do it that way.

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