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Isn’t organization inherited?

People think they can’t get organized because it is hereditary. The answer is NO!  Organization is not inherited; it is a learned skill.  Anyone can learn to be better organized just like you learned your ABC’s.  You learned a system, and you learned how to use the system to write and speak.  There is a system to getting organized, and once you understand the basic principles, you can get organized.

What Makes Me Different?

My approach to organization is to put everything in its place using systems.  Neat does not necessarily mean organized.  Papers can be neatly filed away in folders, but if you can’t find them quickly, they aren’t organized in any type of system.

My organizing systems are simple and practical.  And once you implement them, it will only take you minutes a day to stay that way.  All you do is follow the systems, many of which are acronyms, to help you easily remember the systems.


Organizing Services

Does your desk look like this?

Consulting/coaching services are available to give you the customized individual attention you need to be more productive and save time.

Consulting is also recommended as a follow-up to in-house training.

Virtual consulting is also available.  Just send us pictures or a video and we will be able to help you virtually.

Office Organization

US News and World Report stated that the average American spends 1 year of his life looking for lost or misplaced items at home and in the office.

Imagine what it would be like to have an organized office:

  • How would you feel if you looked at a clear desk?
  • How would you like to find information in seconds instead of hours?
  • How much time would you save if you were organized?
  • How much would your self-confidence rise when everything is in its place?

“I don’t know how I got by before.  I was the winner of the messiest desk award at my office.  I had a hard time finding my files, I couldn’t see my desktop, and the floor was so cluttered with stacks of papers that it was difficult to walk around.  Now, using these organizing tips and techniques, I have one of the most organized filing systems in my office.  I can see my desktop again, and I can always find the information I need very quickly. ”              Steve Paolella,  ACCO Brands.

Home Organization

National Soap & Detergent Assn. said 80% of clutter is not due to lack of space in your home; it is due to disorganization.

Picture what it would be like to have an organized home:

  • How would it feel to have no piles?
  • How would it feel to see uncluttered, open space?
  • Would you like to have a big dinner with family and friends?

Picture yourself relaxed while listening to music or reading a book–knowing everything is in its place.

“I have read other organizing books and had trouble putting ideas into actions.  I think your presentation has given me some ideas that will help me “’take the message home!’  Thank you very much! ”     Karen Schwarzbauer

Time Management

Imagine you have great time management:

  • You are on time, and prepared, for meetings.
  • You are moving  forward on your goals and setting priorities.
  • You know how to handle interruptions.
  • You no longer procrastinate doing projects.

How much time could you save?  How much time would you have to enjoy your life?


Student Organization

Imagine finding information fast. Imagine finding everything you need at your fingertips to write a paper or study for exams. Imagine more time to enjoy your life.


Our clients have problems like these:

“I have piles of papers everywhere! I never seem to see the bottom of my desk. My computer files are even worse than my desk.  Everything takes me three times as long to find anything I need.  How do I setup a good filing system for my desk and my computer?”


“I can never find anything I need to do.  I don’t know where to put items I need to act on. Where do I put them so I can find them quickly? Is there a system besides leaving them in the “IN” box?”


“I save everything!  I’m afraid to throw anything away.  I don’t know what to keep and what to toss.  How do I decide what is important to keep and what can be thrown away?”


“My day just disappears, and I never seem to accomplish anything. I don’t know where the time goes.  I start out with good intentions, but nothing ever gets done.  How can I manage my time?”


“I have so many things to do, I don’t know what I should work on first.   How do I create a To Do List?  Is there a better way to organize my calendar?  Is there a priority system to determine what to work on when?

Need to clear the clutter and save time?  

Call Eileen Roth at Everything in its Place:        (480) 551-3445

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