Do you know your Why?


Your goals may fail because you have no reason to accomplish them.

Ask yourself, “Why?”  

Goals and your why?


Why do you want to do this?


The reason, your Why?, could be to do something:

  • for you
  • for your family
  • for a relative
  • for a friend


It could also be:

  • for your business or career
  • for your finances (to make money)
  • for your health
  • for your personal development
  • for relaxation or entertainment
  • for your spiritual growth

If you want to lose weight, you need a reason, a WHY?

  • Do you want to look stunning for a wedding?
  • Do you want to look good for your HS reunion?
  • Do you want to look great this summer in your bathing suit?
  • Do you have health issues that suggest a diet like diabetes, heart, or kidney problems?
  • Do you want to be healthier to prevent health issues, especially hereditary ones?

If there’s no reason to achieve something, you won’t do it.

If there’s no reason to achieve something, you won’t do it.  A compelling reason gives you more motivation to achieve the goal.  It may be as simple as “My boss asked for it.”  (The compelling reason being that you want to keep your job or hope for a promotion!) or it may be as simple as  “I can’t stand looking at that pile.”



The answer to WHY? will also tell you

that some items on your To Do List do not need to be done.


Comment and tell us your goal and your WHY?

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