Fall Organizing

It’s fall.  When it cools off, it’s time to refresh.  The summer heat is gone.  The cool, crisp air of Autumn gives you a chance to think clearer.  The colorful nature of the leaves reminds you of change.  Plus you don’t have that freezing  cold feeling of winter or feel closed in.  Instead you have that open feeling  and might even notice that you move quicker than you did in the summer.  That’s why I recommend this time of year to get organized.


This is a time to consider organizing:

  • organizing your office,
  • organizing your home,
  • organizing your time.

I don’t recommend tackling all 3 of these at once.  Choose one at a time.

Which one is more important for you to organize?

Office Organizing

Organizing your office may be more important than organizing your home so you can leave your work at the office, and go home and relax.  You’ll be more pleasant to your family if you’re less stressed from a day at work when you arrive home. And you’ll be more refreshed to return to work the next day if you have taken time to relax at home and enjoy your family.


Home Organizing

Or you may be someone to whom organizing your home is more important so you can go to work without being stressed out first thing in the morning.  You can get dressed faster by organizing your closet, and feel better walking through your home if it’s not cluttered.  You will arrive happier at work rather than starting the day with stress due to your home clutter.   Plus when you arrive home after work, the state of a messy home may strain family relationships, which in turn might affect a good night’s sleep and snowball into a stressed work day.


Time Organizing

Or you might be someone whose stress level rises as more and more items pile on your plate and you need to organize your time.  Planning a better schedule for what you need to do both at work and at home may be more important than physical organization for you.  Learning to set priorities and focus on the important items can relieve your mental stress and make you happier.


Which of these areas is the most important for you to work on now?

10 Responses to Fall Organizing

  • Hi Eileen. Good post. I think there are some different challenges for those of us that work from home. Are there any tips for staying organized when the office spills over into your “life”?

    • Eileen Roth says:

      Hi Charles, When you work in an office, it’s easy to shut down when you leave the building. Home office workers need to set a schedule and keep to it as much as possible to spend time with their families. If children are very young, you may want to only work during naps or after bedtime and parts of weekends if necessary, not all weekend. If they are school age, you may want to just work during school hours and after bedtime if necessary. There will be exceptions, of course, when something needs more attention; but I always believed in children first. In fact when my kids were in school, I worked 9-3 to be home when the school bus arrived. Adjusting your hours can be challenging, but it is well worth the family time. Plan your work schedule to make the most of your most important relationships, your family.

  • Barbara says:

    My space in the office is pretty organized. The remainder is joint-custody area. Hubby and I are in business together and getting him to agree to making changes is difficult. Add that to the fact that if we make a change without his agreeing he gets angry. An angry business partner/hubby is non-productive so we (our assistant and I) deal.

    At home though I make whatever changes I like and he doesn’t much care. So that is where I focus my organizing. I prefer to purge or declutter for a few minutes every day. Progress may be slower than someone else might prefer but it suits me really well. I love purging and organizing this time of year – especially in Arizona since the weather is finally cooling off!

  • Eileen Roth says:

    It sounds like you made the right choice to be sure your husband is happy. And purging daily is a great way to do it. Usually tackling purging all at once can be daunting, so keeping up with it daily is the best way to maintain things. 3 cheers for you!

  • Sheila Selby says:

    I’m so disorganized I need to do all three. I believe Time Organizing would be most important for me to work on now. If I could get a handle on that, the other two would fall into place. 🙂

    • Eileen Roth says:

      Hi Sheila,
      Thanks for replying. Here’s an idea for you – Consider making a planning time. I usually recommend Sunday evenings because you can look at the week ahead (as well as the month) and see where you might have time to schedule something you want to do. I always print my week ahead so I can see where there are spots in the week to SCHEDULE (make an appt.) into your week, that you are going to accomplish a task – whether that’s organizing the home or office or just free time for you to relax and enjoy something you like, i.e. a hobby or reading or even watching a favorite TV show. If that spot happens to always be free – mark it as a permanent appt. with yourself. Try it and let me know how it goes.

  • Carol says:

    I would want to organize my home and if I could do two, it would be time. I have never been so disorganized in my whole life. Seems like everything is just a mess. I’m trying to do one room at a time, but it’s not working so well for me yet. I’ll keep trying so that maybe I’ll see the light at the end of the tunnel.

    • Eileen Roth says:

      Hi Carol,

      You are on the right track with concentrating on one room at a time. What I might recommend is breaking that room into smaller sections- for instance just do one bookcase, or one dresser or one table. If you wanted, even one piece of furniture could be broken down into smaller parts, i.e. one drawer out of 4 at a time. I once had a seminar participant say all he thought he could tackle was the dresser top. I told him that was just fine. See if that helps and let me know.

  • Cheryl says:

    I think home organizing is always my goal. We’re empty nesters now and always looking to purge and reorganize. With holidays close by definitely need to organize our home.

  • Eileen Roth says:

    Hi Cheryl

    It seems like we always have to keep up our homes. The holidays are a great incentive to go through things before they start, especially if you are the main host for the festivities.

    My 2 yr old grandson does a good job of taking it from neat to kids’ room whenever he’s here! Today it took me awhile to find where he put 2 of my cars from my 50’s ceramic display. I finally found them in the basket on back of his trike!

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