Are you holding onto things too long?

How long do you hold onto things

you’re NOT using?

Do you have clothes in your closet that you haven’t worn in over 2 years – either because your weight has changed or they are out of style?

If you really lose that weight don’t you

                     deserve an updated wardrobe?                          


Are you still keeping stuffed animals from your child’s youth and they are now in college and don’t want them?

Won’t your grandchildren want new ones

to create their own memories?


Do you have toys from kids that they have outgrown?

Tip:  Keep Legos and other similar expensive toys

that will last from one generation to another. 

               Could you donate the rest to a thrift store?           


Do you have books you’ve read that you don’t plan on ever reading again?

                Could you pass them on to a hospital surgery waiting room,

a school, or a library book sale?


Do you have old, worn, or broken anything you aren’t using?  (kitchen items, clothes, tools, etc.)

Could you take to thrift stores that take these for parts –

especially electric cords.


Purging doesn’t have to be done all at once.

You could do one room at a time or one category at a time.


Once your purge what you don’t need, do you know how to organize what you are keeping?


Do you have systems to keep your home organized?

If you don’t, come learn how to use systems so that everyone can find things in your home without you having to label every cabinet and shelf.


If you’re tired of doing all the clean up yourself,

it’s time to learn systems and teach them to your family so that you can ….

 Cut the Clutter to Enjoy Your Life


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