Lesson 2 from Sky, our lovebird: Take a Peek

Last month I talked about the first lesson we learned from Sky, our lovebird,
on how to create habits. (see archives Oct.)

This month we look at another lesson:

After Sky flew all over the house, we learned to keep her wings clipped.
So she mostly walked through the house. She could fly about a foot off
the ground. And she followed my husband Don everywhere.

And I do mean everywhere.

When he went to the bathroom, Don would close the door.
Next to the master bathroom door were mirrored closet doors.
Sky would remain there and talk to her mirror image.

Apparently Sky got curious. She knew Don was behind a closed
door, and she was outside of the door.

She peeked under the closed door.
Then she stood back up, apparently content that
she saw Don, or at least his shoes.

One day she put her head in and out, then slowly she tried
to push her body under the door opening. She made it.
Sky got under the bathroom door and inside.
She thought this was such a neat trick that
any time we shut a door, Sky went under.

What can we learn from Sky?

Do you have a desire (goal) to do something?
What door is shut to you right now?
Can you peek under the door and know what might be
on the other side?

How to Peek:
Do you need to read a book for information?
Do you need to take lessons?
Do you need to do research to achieve a goal?
Do you need to listen to audio CDs to learn more information?

Next month: From Peeking to Acting

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Feel free to forward this to your friends and co-workers.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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