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Who Hires Eileen Roth?

Meeting Planners hire Eileen Roth for meetings, conferences, and breakout sessions where an entire group can learn organizational skills.  Even though these sessions may be presented in front of a large number of attendees, they are still content driven and provide knowledge and action steps for everyone attending.

Sales VPs, HR Directors, Training Departments and Office Managers hire Eileen Roth for in-house training sessions so that all of their employees are working together using the same concepts.  This may be open programs to employees or training everyone in one department at the same time.

Schools and Colleges hire Eileen so students learn simple systems to organize all aspects of their life — from their space to their papers to their time management systems.



These are some of the types of organizations Eileen Roth has presented to:

Government Agencies
Law Firms
Multi-level Marketing Groups
Pharmaceutical Firms
Sales Firms



“Using your filing system helped me to easily track the millions of details I have when planning a conference.”

Quinlan B. Lee                   Paper Industry Management Association

Eileen Roth made planning this conference a breeze. She speaks what she preaches: organization. The members thoroughly enjoyed her presentation and went back to their offices and moved their phones to the other side! Thank you.”

Susan Ouellet             American Bankers Association Marketing Network


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For school programs, see Organizing Seminars for Schools

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