Organizing Seminars for Schools

These organizing programs can be adapted for Students, Faculty or Staff at Middle Schools, High Schools or Colleges.

Travel on 4 lanes on the Roadmap of Your L-I-F-ETM

L = Location
I = Information
F = Focus
E = Experience

After you organize your Location, Information, and Focus (time management), your Experiences will tell you what works and what doesn’t work so you can improve your systems.

How to Organize Your Location for Efficiency and Fast Exits™ 

The L in L.I.F.E. stands for Location.
Whether you live in a residence hall, Greek house, apartment or a home; how organized you are determines how fast you get to class — or how late you will be.

When you put everything in its P.L.A.C.E.TM you will save time, especially if you roll out of bed minutes before you have to be at class. Learn how you can blueprint your room and change your layout, organize your clothes and belongings to get dressed quickly, and setup your study area for maximum productivity.

Organize Your Information and Save 5 Hours a Week™ 

The I in L.I.F.E. stands for Information.
When you organize your information you can find things quickly.  Learn how to use the right tools to organize your classwork and save time for fun.  Create a file system that works for your paper files and match that to your electronic files. Also create a Take Action File (tickler system) for your paper and your email for those things you need to remember to do.
(1 hour to 90 minutes for students, 3 hr workshop for faculty and staff)

P.L.A.N.™ Your Day, Reduce Your Stress, and Save Time™ 

The F in L.I.F.E. stands for Focus.
Prepare yourself by setting goals and deciding on your focus.
Create Lists for maximum productivity.
Act on your lists using rhythms and routines, and Notice what you have accomplished and reward yourself.
(3 hr workshop, can be split into separate 1-hour session student programs)

Green Light Your Day and Handle the Timewasters™

The E in L.I.F.E. stands for Experiences.
Do you repeat the same mistakes?  You can be sidetracked or completely derailed by timewasters. Learn how to avoid procrastination, handle telephone and visitor interruptions, and say “No”. Learn to delegate wisely with the four Ds and run more efficient meetings.

School Testimonials

“Surprise, Surprise- no surprise.  You were loved.  The presentation at IFACSTA was wonderful.  We appreciate your efforts. Everyone gained by your suggestions.  As you know our field is so varied that we need to keep it simple. Thanks for coming.”
Joyce Wright           Illinois Family & Consumer Science Teachers Association

“Thank you so much for sharing yoru speaking talent with our group.  Your book is wonderful.  I never got much out of the For Dummies® series before, but in just 2 days I’ve transformed my office area.  I should have taken a “before” picture!  The principal said she heard it was wonderful (she had a conflicting meeting).”
Martha Keeney        Kyrene de los Ninos School

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