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Office Organization Seminars

“I just wanted to tell you how much you have helped me. After taking your two organizational courses at Argonne, I started using the Take Action File and it is working wonderfully! It is such an easy paper keeper system. It now takes less time (and frustration) to find all my papers. Also, thanks to you, my desk is not messy any more. Many people have noticed an improvement in my organizational skills (especially my boss). Thanks to you, I feel very good about myself and about my office.”
Christine Lewis           Argonne National Labs

“I found your talk extremely informative, useful and enjoyable.  Many of the R&D participants have benefited greatly from your presentation and are currently using your Take Action File system.  This system has enabled many of us in R&D to more effectively manage our files and thereby increase our productivity.”
Jennifer Ackerman                   TAP Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

“I wanted to follow-up with you to let you know how well we have done with your help. The endless rows of overflowing file cabinets have been replaced by much smaller, more useful systems of files. We can quickly put our hands on exactly the files we need. Because they are more organized with less duplication between departments and less “junk”, our files are far more functional. Even our most difficult challenges have adapted well to your system. The time saved has been incredible. From my own experience, your system saved me from being buried alive in paper!”
Scott A.Baumruck, Exec. VP      Paper Industry Management Assn.

“Thank you very much for the fun and informative seminar on office organization. I really needed it. I am guilty of most of the bad examples you pointed out. I came back to the office and went through a couple of piles of old work. Well…now in the dumpster.”
Yvonne Parkhill, Architect         JMI & Associates


Time Management Seminars

“It was concise and relevant to setting personal and professional goals.”
Tammy Seibert                            Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois


“Thank you for your time and energy producing the exceptional session on organizations skills made simple.  Your insightful organizations tips, humor and heartwarming personal stories were well received by participants.”
Gail Holan                                     NAWBO Tucson Conference


“Your presentation was entertaining and your enthusiasm was contagious.  The practical ideas you gave to bring organization into our lives were helpful to all of us.  Dealing with constant interruptions in our daily schedules, whether at home or in the workplace, is something we all deal with.”
Sue Shelpley                                 Childhelp USA – Phoenix AZ


“Any working mother has to be organized. This seminar put everything into perspective.”
Jane Tucker                                  Western Illinois Home Health Care

Home Organization                     

“Very positive, fresh approach on facing the importance of what should/might be saved.”
Janet Gomez                                     AAUW – Lake Bluff  IL


“Eileen motivated me to clean up my junk room. Something I have been putting off for over 2 years!”
Jennifer Marsh                                 Arlington Heights Junior Women

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