Organize Your Office to Save 5 Hours a Week

  and increase profit if you’re an entrepreneur or small business owner


  • Do you feel dejected looking at all the piles in your office?
  • Do you toss papers into boxes because visitors are coming to your office?
  • Are you late to meetings because you can’t find the information you need?
  • Do you hold client meetings at Starbucks because you’re embarrassed by your office?
  • If you have a home office, do you sit somewhere else because your office is a disaster zone?

Does this scene seem familiar:

The phone rings and Jack requests some statistics you have.  As you hold onto the phone, you dig through your messy files trying to find those numbers.  You’re looking as fast as you can, but you’re not getting any closer to finding the information Jack needs to finish his report.  Then you remember it’s somewhere on your desk.  You look through a pile trying to find it.  You move on to another pile, and yet another.  You shake your head realizing you have no idea where that information is.  You’ve had Jack waiting.  Dejected, you tell Jack you have to call him back.


90 minutes later, you apologize and tell Jack you have his information.  Now whether Jack is your boss or your client, what do you think Jack thinks of you?  How do you feel when you call Jack back after such a long time?


Have you ever said any of these comments to yourself?

(These are real comments.  I couldn’t make them up.) 


“When I need one thing, I have to look through everything.”

“This chaos is really getting me down, I can’t stand it.”

“Piles, piles, piles.  I clean them up and within a week they magically reappear.”

“I easily keep up with my filing.  I pile it up and then feel overwhelmed when the pile      gets huge.”

“I feel like people think I’m not good at my job because my office is in chaos.”


Now imagine walking into your office and smiling as you look at your office first thing in the morning.  Your desk is immaculate.  All of your papers are neatly filed in cabinets.  Your paper mail box is empty.  The phone rings and you pull out your client’s information in seconds.  You open your computer, and your desktop has no documents on the home page.  You go to the Documents folder and find what you want in seconds.


You have a relaxing, productive day and achieve your top priorities. You leave work on time or shut down your “office hours” in your home office and have a great dinner with your family. Bedtime comes and your mind relaxes because you have no extra stress. You know you can find what you need when you need it.  Everything is in its place.

 It’s all possible.


The Wall Street Journal did a study that said

executives wasted as much as 6 weeks a year  just searching for information.

 Six weeks?  That’s 5 hours a week.

 How would you like to save 5 hours in your week?

Organize Your Office to Save 5 Hours a Week course will organize your office once and for all.  Whether you feel your office is a total disaster or you just want to fine tune your office organization, this course will save you time.

This course is for you if….

  1. You feel overwhelmed just from the appearance of your office.
  2. You are frustrated when you can’t find documents you know you have… somewhere.
  3. You are not given important work because your projects are usually late.
  4. You are late to meetings because you can’t find the report you need to give.
  5. You think you missed a promotion because your office is always a mess.
  6. You never leave the office at 5pm. (You’re still working at 11pm in a home office.)


Getting your office organized will not only save you time, but it will give you peace of mind.  You will know where everything is and be less stressed when you have systems to put everything in its place.  Systems means there are logical steps to follow.  And many of the systems Eileen teaches are acronyms like P.L.A.C.E.™ and W.A.S.T.E.™ making them easy to remember and retain.


“Of all the self-improvement seminars we have been offered as employees,

 this has proven to be the best and most applicable.  I am much better organized

 at my desk at work and at home.” 

Jon Doggett     American Farm Bureau Federation


What you will learn:  

This is a step by step system that will get you benefits immediately!


  1. Discover your best physical layout for better productivity.
  2. Clear your desk with the 6 principles of R.E.M.O.V.E.™ to create room to work on 2 files at the same time.
  3. Organize your desk drawers to access supplies easier.
  4. Ask the 5 questions of W.A.S.T.E.™ to determine if you should save a document.
  5. Know which of the 5 file classification systems is appropriate for which types of files.
  6. Design your 3-part file label system to file and retrieve information in seconds.
  7. Utilize color coding for faster access of files and binders.
  8. Create a binder file system to locate information faster.
  9. Match your paper and digital file systems for better productivity.


I’d like to express my thanks for a superb presentation and training session conducted with my staff.  We realized my goal of having the staff “get organized”.  They have made a total commitment to revamp the paper handling system with our clients.  More than 45 days have passed and the retention of your helpful hints is outstanding.  We have developed a total commitment to make happier business lies by applying your various efforts in getting organized. You have made this happen. “

Glen R Anderson         (was with) Smith Bucklin & Associates


Why take this course?

  1. Think of all the time and money you will save when you can find files fast.
  2. Isn’t it worth being able to find client information in seconds when they call?
  3. Isn’t it worth going home on time?
  4. Isn’t it worth having your evenings and weekends free?
  5. Isn’t it worth saving 5 hours a week?
  6. Isn’t it worth having more free time for yourself, and your family?

Organize Your Office

Why learn from me?

Before I became an organizing expert, I worked for 15 years as an Administrative Assistant and Office Manager.  So I honed my craft before I knew it was a profession.  My systems are unique and work so well that the Today Show invited me on the morning national news just 2 years into my business.  Seven years later I was asked to write Organizing For Dummies®.  I was told it was because I must have great information to get myself on two national shows – the Today Show and Oprah –without a book or agent.  I’ve also appeared in national magazines like Self, Real Simple, Woman’s Day, and even Men’s Health as well as ASTD’s Training and Development and Office Pro.

Course Logistics

The course will begin on Oct. 30th and run for 7 weeks.

Each week will begin on Monday with the module or lesson at 12pm Pacific, 3pm Eastern.

A live Q&A call will be on each Thursday to answer any questions you might have about that module.


Can’t make a call?

I know you might not be able to be on every call, so they will be recorded for you to either listen again or when it is convenient for you.   Don’t worry if you can’t make a Q&A call, you can submit questions ahead of time and listen for the answer in the recording.  There is also a discussion group to ask questions.


Limited Students for Feedback

There will be a limit of of 20 students in the pilot course to allow for group interaction.

For a reduced price, I am asking you to help me and provide honest feedback along the way.

I would like this feedback after each module, and then an overall view after the entire course is completed.




This is a pilot course, meaning it’s the first time it’s being offered online; but it’s proven techniques I’ve used for over 25 years in consulting and corporate training.  The normal price of  Organize Your Office to Save 5 Hours a Week will probably be $1497.  I’m asking you to help me make this the very best it can be online.  So in exchange for your feedback, I’m offering you a special deal for just $497 for the course.  That’s a 66% discount!  You need someone to show you how to do this.


Plus organizing a file system for a home office can range from $1500 – $3000 or more, depending on how many files you have.  So this is a fantastic price. And it will never be this low again.


What are the cost benefits for you?

  1. You are going to get a 66% discount for the pilot.
  2. By promising to give feedback after each module, this will keep you moving forward in the course and getting your office organized. (your own accountability to me)
  3. Limited students means you get more personal attention from me to help you.
  4. There is also a discussion group to ask questions and share ideas.
  5. You will be helping improve the course for others.
  6. Lifetime access means you will have access to updates.


Organize Your Office

“I’m so thankful and excited.

 I’ll be able to breathe and find what I need when I need it.”  

Carlotta A.           Chief Nursing Officer



These bonuses come with the course

  1. File label template for the Take Action File system.
  2. File label template to create file labels.
  3. Tab label template to create hanging file tab labels.


Conditional Guarantee

You have a 60-day conditional guarantee.  If you show me that you implemented these steps and your office is still disorganized, I will personally work with you via Skype or Zoom.  If there is some reason I cannot get you organized, I will refund your money.  Note:  There is no guarantee as to how much time or money you will save.  Every person is different.


Payment options:

  1. Pay by credit card through PayPal. (free to open an account)
  2. Use PayPal Credit to get the course interest free for six months.
  3. If you prefer not to use PayPal, call me and I will run your charge card on my square account.


Recap of what you will get:

1. Full course – 7 modules

2. 7 Q and A sessions weekly

3. Bonus Templates

4. Personal attention from me.

5. Discussion group on the course platform.


Get Organized before January of 2018 starts!

Register today.

These spots will go fast.

And it will never be this price again.


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Organize Your Office


To your success –

Your Organizing Tour Guide,


Eileen Roth


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