Manual: How to Setup a Personal Reference Book

Personal Reference Book CD

Personal Reference Book- Manual on CD

               Posting Office information on your:

cubicle walls


bulletin boards

Posting Home information on your:


kitchen bulletin board

                      Clearing the clutter

                      Presenting a professional appearance

                      Accessing important information within 30 seconds


Can you relate to either or both of these scenarios?
Have they happened to you?
Have they happened more than once?

Office Scenario
Someone calls for information, and you search for it. You know it is hanging somewhere on your cubicle walls, but you are not sure where.

 First you skim the papers on top searching for it. Maybe you even have to put the phone down to move to the other end of your cubicle.

 Then you start lifting papers up to look under them: one, two, or three sheets underneath. Suddenly the thumbtack comes out and the pages fall all over the desktop. You pick them up and toss them in a pile on your desk. Frustrated, your eyes dart around the cubicle walls quickly, searching for that elusive information.

 Minutes go by. You still haven’t found the information you need. So you tell the caller you will have to call them back. In those few minutes, you may have just  lost a customer or a client.

 Five or ten minutes later, you find what you are looking for. 20 minutes later and stressed out, you haphazardly hang everything back up — knowing you will search for something another day. 


Home Scenario

You are in a hurry to leave the house. You start looking for the flyer that tells where your child’s sports or scout activity will be.

 You look at the top layer on the bulletin board or the refrigerator door. You do not spot it, so you start digging underneath the top flyers.  Papers start falling down all over the floor. You are late. You need to get going.

Frustrated, you leave hoping you will have time to come home and find it later — or thinking you could call another parent.


When you get requests for the same information, you are tempted to hang it up so it will be visible and ready for you.

  • Do you have notes or lists posted on your cubicle walls, bulletin boards or refrigerators?
  • Do co-workers tease you about the appearance of your cubicle?
  • Does your cubicle, bulletin board or refrigerator look like a cluttered zoo?
  • Are you embarrassed to have others see your kitchen refrigerator?


But is it visible?

Can you even read it?
Do you have to lift layers of papers in order to see it?


What if there was another way?

  • What if you to never had to look under papers for buried information?
  • What if you never had thumbtacks fall out and drop papers on your desk?
  • How would you like to actually see your cubicle walls and enjoy the open space?
  • Would you like clear refrigerator sides and doors?


What if you could find that same information

within 30 seconds AND in one place?


You need the information FAST,

and you need it in ONE PLACE =

  Personal Reference Book


Your Personal Reference Book:

  • Puts everything at your fingertips.
  • Clears your cubicle walls, bulletin boards and refrigerator doors.
  • Helps you put all of those items you need to refer to in one place.
  • Lets you access the information you need within 30 seconds.


Your Personal Reference Book is easy to setup:

Paper versions:

         3 supplies:
1. Binder or Notebook
2. Plastic Dividers
3. Clear, non-glare Sheet Protectors


a Presentation Book   (for a smaller reference book)

Digital version:  1 memory stick for a digital record

Note:  OK to keep on hard drive if there is NO confidential information.


 What is on this CD?

  1. The manual explains how to use the Personal Reference Book and recommends 14 different categories. Of course you can customize those for your own needs, but we found that these are the most common categories for Office and Home.


  1. The manual includes Lists of items to put in each of the categories. Some of these items will be documents you already have, like a list of meeting dates for board meetings or committee meetings.


  1. We made it easy. The work is mostly done for you. There are 30+ Excel spreadsheet templates already created.  All you have to do is fill in your information.  The headings are already there.  Just fill in the information – like the date your car had its last oil change, tire rotation or transmission check.

The Office and Home versions are very similar, so information for both are in one manual.  However, you still want to setup 2 separate books:
one for the Office, and one for the Home.


You could put a Personal Reference Book together in 3 hours or less!

  • Think of the time you will save!
    – No more loose papers.
    – No more looking under layers of papers.
    – No more frustration searching for needed information.
  • Think of what you will gain:
    – A professional looking office.
    – Visible refrigerator doors.
    – Able to find information in seconds.
    – A feeling of relaxation and comfort.
  • Be known as the person who can find it fast!


Thank You Bonus

As a special thank you, we will include a Bonus:
A checklist of Specialty Reference Books you might want to create.

For instance, we are involved in model railroads, so I have a separate     Presentation Book with flyers for all the model railroad meets for the year.

Purchase How to Create Your Personal Reference Book TODAY!

“Yes, Eileen this is what I have been waiting for.”
“I can’t wait to clear the clutter and create my own Personal Reference Book!”

$97 for one Manual (on CD) to setup 2 books – 1 for the Office and 1 for the Home.  Information is categorized for Office or Home.

Lists tell you exactly what to put in each of the 14 categories.

30+ Excel spreadsheet templates make it easy to just fill in your information.


**The faster you get this, the faster you will reduce your stress and save time!**


And don’t forget to give one for Mother’s Day.

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