Manual: How to Setup a Take Action File System™


Take Action File

Take Action File

In Your Office:
Is your mail all over your desk?
Do you have flyers or meeting notices tacked all over your bulletin board?
Do you lose information you need to respond to?

In Your Home:
Is your mail all over your home? Your countertops?
Do your bills get lost?
Do you completely cover your refrigerator with tons of invitations or flyers?
Do you misplace items you want to order?

When you open your mail, do you handle every piece of paper right then until it can be filed?
Of course not. Otherwise that is all you could do every day, process the mail and never attend to your priorities.

It is great to handle things you can take care of in 1-2 minutes and get that item done and off your To Do List.

However, what about the items that need more time?
What if you have to go to a meeting and cannot work on that item right now?

The answer is simple.
You need a place to put items that need action,
until you are ready to deal with them –
not just because you opened the mail.

What if there was one place, one system to put all the mail items that need action?
This system helps you file all of your mail and To Do items until you are ready to do them.

It does NOT utilize calendar dates.

It does not utilize calendar dates.
You file items by categories.
This system is called the Take Action File System because that is what you still need to do –
Take action!

The Take Action File has just 12 categories.
Not only do you get the directions for the system, but it also comes with the labels for the file folders and the tabs.

You can put it together in just 15 minutes.
And it will save you time.  You will never look for an action item again. You will know where it is – in the Take Action File.
Not lost in those piles on your desk! (or countertop)

Pre-printed Labels for file folders
Pre-printed Labels for tabs

PS – Create an identical system on your email.  Move your action emails in your email Take Action File!

**Setup your system and never lose an action item again!**

Take action today, order your Take Action File System.
Regular price $35  (includes shipping and handling)

Take Action File System to process the mail, tickler system

Cash, check or credit card (Master Card, Visa or Discover)
(sorry no American Express)

**Need more than 1 set of labels?  Want one for Home,  Office, or spouse/partner?

You will be able to order more right after you order the Take Action File.  $5 for each extra set.

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