Manual: How to Setup a Take Action File + Student File System


Take Action File + College System

Take Action File + Middle School-High School System

Take Action File + Middle School/High School System


Do you need a place for invitations or event flyers?
Do you need a place for calls to make or things to do?
Do you need a place to list things you have to discuss with someone else?
Do you need a place to list items or put pictures of things you want to purchase?

The Take Action File System handles the
**HARD COPY of your To Do List**.

In one system you can file all the items you need to act on – except major projects and large reading material like magazines. This system is designed for lists, little pieces of paper that could easily get lost, and documents from 1-4 pages.

**How to file?**
Do not worry about choosing a specific date to file information you have to do.
File your material by your next action step. In just 12 categories you can file all of the things you want or need to do this month.

>**Setup your system and never lose an action item again!**

Student File System

Is your backpack heavy?
Are your binders overflowing?
Are you carrying around papers from the entire semester?

>**Then it is time for a Student File System–
a place to keep information until you need it.**

After a section of material is complete and the test is over, you do not need to review that material until mid-terms and finals. There is no reason to carry around Science material on the solar system if you are now studying plants; or English material on a Shakespeare play if you are now studying a Dickens’ novel. However, you will need to save this information until you take the final exam — which may be months away.

###Middle School or High School version###
Included are directions for putting the system together and
pre-printed labels for standard subjects including several variations.
i.e., English or Language Arts or Humanities, History or Social Studies

Students are often involved in other after school activities like Sports.
Some of these activities are pre-printed labels.

Blank labels are included to add other names.

###College version###
College students need more information. These are divided into:
Course files
College files (College Info, Insurance, etc.)
Personal Files (including Financial)

The Manual, pre-printed labels for file folders and for hanging file tabs are included for all 3 areas.

Course Files: Since there are so many different subjects in College, only the 5 basic courses are pre-printed for Course files: English, History, Math, Science and Foreign Language. Blank file labels and tabs are included to add specific courses and activities.

With either version you receive:

Manual for both the Take Action File and the Student File System

a. Pre-printed File labels for the Take Action File System

b. Pre-printed File labels for Student courses

c. Pre-printed Tab labels for the white inserts that come with hanging file tabs

(Blanks for both  file and tab labels are included)  Note:  Tabs are NOT included.


Click this green button to add the **Take Action File + Student File System** to your cart.
In the shopping cart you will be asked to choose your version.

The cost is just $47 for the Middle School/High School system.

The College version  is just $52 (adds $5  for 3rd set of College Info labels 


ON SALE –  only $40 = Middle School/High School

                               $45  = College version

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