Forget items at the grocery store? Use a template.

Do you find yourself unpacking your groceries at home and realize your forgot to buy something you wanted?  Maybe it was a gallon of milk, butter, cereal or bread.  Whatever it was, it had been on your mind, but once you were grocery shopping you totally forgot about it.


It happens. 

It happens even more when you don’t create a list. 


Most people make a grocery list just before they go shopping.  That’s not when you tend to think of things.  It’s usually while you’re making dinner, or any meal, and realize you are running low on something or that next week you’d like to make this particular meal that would require ingredients that aren’t in the house.

What if there was a way to create your list when most things popped into your head?  When you’re preparing a meal.  When you’re home.


That’s why it helps to have a Master Grocery List.  One you could print off weekly, or whenever you needed a new list, that you could place in an easily accessible place.  A place like the refrigerator or a bulletin board in the kitchen area.  And to make it even easier, what if that list was already printed for you?  You wouldn’t even have to create a master list, just mark a template.


I designed a Grocery List Template that has over 250 items on it.  You can hang it up and not only you, but ever member of your family could see it and use it.  All you need is a highlighter, or if you want you could circle an item.  Then you would have a list ready to go.  If you thought about needing mayo on Tuesday and fish on Friday, you would have the list right there to mark.  And if a family member wanted waffles for breakfast next week, they could mark that down too.


Most  people buy the same things, and the same brands every week.  However, you may prefer to make your own list so you could be more specific.  So if you’d rather put down specific items, like Cheerios or Raisin Bran, then Sheet 2 of the Grocery List has just the 17 categories with lines under them  so you could list exactly what you want to get.

My Grocery List Optin

Try it both ways, one week with a pre-printed list and one week with just the Categories.  The most important thing is to have a list that everyone can add to and that you can re-print weekly whenever you need it.  You have nothing to lose, and may find yourself saving alot of time and not having to make another trip to the grocery store because you’re out of milk!


Here’s the Grocery List

It is my present to you.


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