Flip a Coin to Decide? No way!

June 1st was National Flip a Coin day – but that’s a way I’ve ever used to make a decision.  Have you?  Did it work out?



Natl. Flip a Coin Day

Natl. Flip a Coin Day


For me, I like to make lists of whatever I’m doing. When I need to make a decision, I make a different type of list – the Ben Franklin Close.

What’s the Ben Franklin Close?

Ben Franklin close is about looking at an item and deciding it’s plus or minus values.  I prefer to think of it as Pros and Cons in two separate columns.  But there’s more than just Pros and Cons.

Weighing In

You could have an item that has more “weight” = it means more to you than another item.  Those items deserve more “points”.  So on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the highest, rate the item’s weight to you. 

Be careful to weigh each item individually and not against anything else you have listed.  Here’s a really simple example.  You’re going to balance your checkbook, but the question is do you do it today or another day?  

This example shows you that another day would be better.  You have other things to do.  This is a very simplistic example, but it gives you the idea that something could have high ratings on both sides – Pros and Cons. 


   Item:   Balance checkbook today?

  Pros    Rate Cons Rate
 balance off – want to reconcile   8  other priorities   10
need to do before automatic bills come in


enough money to cover auto. withdrawals    9
 more time today   7  can do another day   8
Total   21    27

Next time you need to make a decision that isn’t coming quickly,

make a quick chart listing the pros and cons, but rate them too!




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